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Keith Richards once said that acoustic guitars provide that “extra glue” that brings out the magic in music. It’s in that spirit – and the spirit of the original Badfinger that backed up George Harrison and his mates at the Concert for Bangladesh – that “Badfingers” was born for ATMP 40.

The group, comprised of Rebecca Newton, Willie Painter (above left) and Roger Friedensen (right), will provide acoustic back-up to ATMP 40’s conductor Jeff Hart and the house band at the event. On Sunday, January 30, the group assembled for its first practice at Rebecca’s home in Durham. Click here for a quick taste of the practice.

Thanks to Roger F. for the post and video.

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With the show just a month away, rehearsals have really stepped up — both in frequency and in the number of people involved. (They’ve also outgrown Jeff’s place.)

Greg Bell on organ, complete with broken arm.

Lindsay Rosebrock (piano) and Pete Gamble (guitar).

Lynn Blakey and Jeff Hart.

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George’s coat on the cover of All Things Must Pass was blue. So now you know.

An outtake from Barry Feinstein’s cover shoot.

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Practice makes perfect.

Another night of rehearsals. Lindsay Rosebrock, piano.

Bryan Settle, guitar.

The If Not For You manifesto (Jeff’s notebook).

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George’s handwritten lyrics to “All Things Must Pass.”

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A small crowd last night. Acoustics. Dewey McCafferty on guitar, Jeff Hart on drums and guitar (at the same time).

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George Harrison was a big fan of the ukulele (and the banjo uke), and was known to strum one around the house. His collection was supposedly quite large, he often traveled with one, and there are many stories of him giving them as gifts.

The instrument is also featured quite a bit on his last record, Brainwashed. So, it made sense that the ukulele play a part in the If Not For You event.

David Harrison has stepped in to help work the ukulele into the Wall Of Sound arrangements of All Things Must Pass. He’s seen at right during a recent rehearsal.

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