All ages.

Here’s our gnome, Dean Barricklow, to remind us all that If Not For You is an all-ages show.

Feel free to bring the kids — they really need to be exposed to this music.

Photo by Bryan Regan.


Happy Birthday, George.

Today would be George Harrison’s 68th birthday. It also marks the day before If Not For You.

This event is the product of months of rehearsals (now over) and hundreds and hundreds of hours, all volunteered. The generosity, dedication and enthusiasm has been overwhelming. It’s been a great reminder of just how good people can be.

Over the last few days, the show has been featured in a number of local newspapers and other publications, WUNC’s State Of Things and on the WRAL noon news. It’s been passed around on Facebook like crazy.

And tickets, we hear, are selling briskly. The musicians deserve a big crowd, since that’s the best kind of reward for their hard work. Of course, the Caring Community Foundation deserves a good turnout, too, to support their dedication to helping those in need across the Triangle. Again, a great reminder of just how good people can be.

Update: Add to that list of media stuff a set this morning on WCOM, with Jeff Hart and Willie Painter performing “Beware Of Darkness,” “Apple Scruffs and “I’d Have You Anytime.”

Behind That (Un)Locked Door

A few more rehearsal photos. With the event less than a week away, the entire band is using s showhorn to rehearse in one space.

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

From the front page of today’s News & Observer. Kindly ignore the mention of Let’s Active.

If not for you, indeed.

Since this event first got rolling, it’s been incredible how many people have pitched in to help out along the way.

Here are Angela Miller and Bryan Regan — a designer and photographer, respectively — at the recent photo shoot for the program. There are many other people whose contributions need to be highlighted, but it just so happens we have a photo of these two.

And below, someone else who needs to be thanked — Mr. Dean Barricklow. He made a most excellent gnome (with some prodding and bribery from his parents).

Now in color!

Here Comes the Gnome

And I say, it’s alright.

The gnome knows